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        AMF International Trade Co., Ltd.

        AMF International Trade Co., Ltd, as a comprehensive import and export company, has grown to be the most professional supplier of shot peening material, equipments, parts and accessories in China after years of development. We have developed and maintained business relations with more than 90% of aviation manufacturing enterprises, aviation maintenance plants, aviation R&D institutions and a big part of automobile manufacturing companies in China.


        • Magnesium

          This element was first isolated in 1808 by the English scientist Davy, but it was not until 1852 that...

        • Foundry

          AMF has more than ten years experience at the aluminum sand casting, die casting, permanent casting. ...



        • Shot blast


          Shot blast also calls the shot peening, is to reduce fatigue, improve the life of one of the effective methods, shot peening treatment is to high-speed projectile flow injection to the spring surface...

        • Residual stress


          Component in the process of manufacturing, will be from the function and influence of various factors such as; Disappears when these factors, if the component of the role and effect does not completely...



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